Job searching process

The Human Resource Development Division of Educational Network Inc. has been dispatching/introducing teachers to private schools with its base in the E-Staff Tokyo Branch Office, which covers eastern Japan, and the E-Staff Osaka Branch Office, which covers western Japan.

If you would like to teach English and work in the educational field, please register with us. We provide full support.


Contact us/Send us your resume

If you wish to receive employment opportunities, please contact us and send your resume.


Registration interview

We will conduct individual interviews at the time of registration. We will ask details about your experience, skills, and desired conditions.


Introduction of positions

We will notify you of job offers that match your desired conditions. Due to the forms, job offers are divided into three types—dispatch, introduction, and Employment placement dispatching.

Dispatch is a form in which we will dispatch you to such organizations as private schools, cram schools, or prep schools, and you will receive your salary from us and work instructions will be issued by the organization.

Introduction is a job where your place of work will directly employ you if they decide to recruit you. The referral fee will be incurred by the employer; therefore, there is no personal expense.

Employment placement dispatching is an employment form in which you can directly make an employment agreement with the employer if this is mutually agreed after a period of dispatched work as a trial period.


Job application

If you are to apply for the job offer that we reported, you will proceed to the selection.


Selection & Interview

In the case of Dispatch, the interview will be conducted at our company. In order to confirm whether the job details and requirements are a match, we may conduct a written exam or a trial lesson.

In the case of Introduction, you will take an employment test and have a job interview, both of which are conducted by the employer. (You will pay for the expenses incurred for the interview such as transportation expense.) We will notify you of your status (pass or fail) for employment.


Successful employment

Once you are successfully employed under Dispatch, you and the school will discuss the work details, and our staff in charge of this will sit with you for the discussion. The employment agreement will be made with us.

Once you are successfully employed under the category of Introduction, you will directly make an employment agreement with the employer.


Post-employment support

During the period of dispatch, our staff in charge of this will regularly visit the organization and conduct interviews on matters, such as problems in the workplace, and ensure a pleasant working environment.

Those who start to work through the Introduction will be able to continuously use our system.

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