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Now recruiting teachers in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya areas

E-Staff is open to accept job seeking teachers’ resumes throughout the year. To register, please contact us via the “Contact Us” form on this website.Teachers who have completed registration are to be on our list of candidates. We will contact selected candidates when positions become open. Job seeking teachers in Tokyo (Kanto) area, Osaka (Kansai) area, Nagoya (Tokai) area and Fukuoka (Kyushu) area are most welcome!

Assistant Language Teaching and Opportunities Beyond

E-Staff, Educational Network Inc. is committed to dispatching/introducing teachers of various subjects to private schools in Japan: Junior/senior high schools, elementary schools and kindergartens.

Each private school offers a very unique academic environment. Register with us today to find your best teaching opportunity!

Registration/job offer information is free of charge. In addition, we will not ask for any fees after the hiring decision is made.