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Privacy Commitment

Established in March 22, 2005
Revised in May 1, 2019

Educational Network Inc.

President Yoshio Nihei

As a Total Educational Planner to provide services/support for various educational institutions and as a Trusted Corporate Citizen, we aim to contribute to stakeholders.
With regard to the personal information that we handle in this business, all personnel recognize its importance, and we declare our privacy policy as follows and strive to protect personal information.

  • 1.With regard to the personal information and our employees’personal information that we handle in all of our businesses, we comply with laws and regulations relating to personal information, guiding principles, other rules, and guidelines established by the government and appropriately manage the information.
  • 2.When collecting personal information, we clarify the purpose of collection in advance and collect such information through an appropriate method and appropriately use it within the scope of the purpose upon obtaining consent from the person.
  • 3.When using collected personal information outside the scope of the purpose and when providing personal information to any third party, we will obtain consent from the person in advance.
  • 4.When outsourcing collected personal information, we will select a vendor that satisfies full protection criteria and take appropriate precautions to protect personal information such as by agreement.
  • 5.We take reasonable precautions and corrective action for the risk of leaks, loss, and damage of personal information to ensure the safety of such information.
  • 6.With regard to complaints and consultations on the handling of personal information, as well as requests for disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information made by the person, we will establish the Customer Service Desk and promptly respond to such complaints and requests.
  • 7.We establish, continuously review, and improve our Personal Information Management System (PMS), which is based on the Requirements for Personal Information Management System (JIS Q 15001).

If you have a question about the handling of personal information and/or Privacy Commitment, please contact us through the following contact information.

Educational Network Inc.

Customer service, Administration Department

TEL : 03-5275-2103

FAX : 03-5275-2110

E-Mail : pms@e-network.jp